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How to contact ONAGOfly?

Technical issues after you received your drone - email to

Order status updates during the shipping of your drone - email to

Inquiry for new products and asking for refund- email to

 How to change my shipping address?

Once the orders are fulfilled, we will process the shipments. If you want to change your shipping address before shipment . Please kindly contact: Thanks!

 How to track my order?

Please kindly check our website in ‘’TRACK YOUR ORDER HERE”.

Enter your contribute email, if it showed to be the number 0 , that means your order has been sent out to the destination country by our shipping company. The tracking No. would be updated as soon as the order has arrived at the shipping company in your country.

If shows nothing, that means your order status is maybe “ on hold” in Indiegogo, or with wrong address and no phone No.


What is ONAGOfly? ONAGOfly is the world’s first smart nano drone that has GPS auto follow, high res 15 megapixel and 1080p HD video camera that captures you in all possible angles. Also, you can race and control the drone by using ONAGOfly app to satisfy your drone flying experience
How much does ONAGOfly cost? You can pre-order ONAGOfly today for $199 USD. After pre-sales are over, ONAGOfly will be priced at $299 plus applicable taxes and shipping
What do I get when I order a ONAGOfly? A ONAGOfly camera, 2 sets of propellers, 1 charger, a micro USB cable, and a user manual

What is main function of the SND ? 1. Smartphone control ,wi-fi connected

2. GPS : will follow smartphone that connected to the drone , and help the drone hovering in position
3. Resist 1.6-3.3m/s wind

4. 15M pixels photo and 1080P HD@ 30fps video
5. Wi-fi control 30 meters (hover when out of detectable distance)

What's the features of the drone? 1.GPS Following

2.Highly portable

3.Landing in hands/take off from hands
4.Capture images,Recording videos
How long will ONAGOfly fly with fully charged battery? It would fly for around 10 - 12 mins
How’s the video resolution of ONAGOfly? 1080P HD @30FPS
What’s the output format of the pictures and videos? JPG and MOV
What’s the maximum storage of ONAGOfly? It’s up to 32GB FAT32 or 64GB exFAT
Is ONAGOfly with gimbal? How would that decrease the shakiness? No it's without gimbal. While ONAGOfly uses inner firmware to achieve vibration reduction
How long would it record with 32G micro SD card? The 32G Micro SD card enable 280 min video record
What's the Net weight? 135g
What's the size of the drone? The distance between the wheelbase is 125mm,the height of the drone is 45mm
Can I use smart phone to pilot it? Yes, it’s compatible with ≥iOS 7.0 and  Android ≥4.4 device
How would we make the connection between smartphone and ONAGOfly? The communication between the drone and ONAGOfly is via wifi. There's Wifi mould inside the drone signals a unique signal for pairing. Player would set their own password for the wifi. Use smartphone to search the wifi signal and get connected. Input the correct wifi code to connect with ONAGOfly. While it's on your whether to set a password.
Would ONAGOfly support first person view? Yes
What's the controlling distance? 30m horizontal + 30m vertical 
What’s the battery capacity? 800mAh
How does ONAGOfly achieve hovering? ONAGOfly has built in barometer that enables hovering by detecting pressures in the environment
What’s the maximum wind resistance? Can fly under wind scale force 2
Are there GPS in the drone? Is it possible to navigate by GPS? Yes, there’s GPS module in the in drone that can follow signals from the smart devices.
How does GPS following work? With GPS module, ONAGOfly can communicate through smart devices via wifi signal. By acquiring the GPS data from smart devices, ONAGOfly can follow your mobile device when it get GPS signal.
What can I expect from ONAGOfly app? 1. One button to take off , land and return 2. Control panel for directions 3. Tile control mode to navigate ONAGOfly 4. One button to take picture 5. Download photos and videos directly to your camera roll
What’s the camera lens? 15 mega pixels Sony lens
Can ONAGOfly camera auto focus? Yes
What’s the materials of the propellers? Can I replace the propellers? Plastic and yes you can change propellers
What’s the material of the ONAGOfly shell? PA
How to charge ONAGOfly? Use its unique port to charge.
Where does ONAGOfly ship to? We work with major courier companies so that we are able to ship worldwide. Shipping are free in the US. We will charge some extra fee for shipping to the rest of the world.

Where does ONAGOfly ship to? We work with major courier companies so that we are able to ship worldwide. Shipping are free in the US. We will charge for shipping to the rest countries.

Can I get a refund? UPDATE: Indiegogo does process refunds during the campaign. If you would like a refund, we're sorry to see you go. Please see here for How To Request a Refund.
How do I upgrade my perk to a better one? We're so glad you asked! If you’d like to upgrade your perk to a higher-priced perk, you can now do so on the contributions tab of your Indiegogo profile. For example, if you originally claimed a $199 perk but now you want to upgrade to a $259 perk, you can click "Upgrade to Higher Priced Perk” next to your $199 perk. This will direct you back to the contribution flow. You can then select the new higher-priced perk you’d like to claim.
When you complete the transaction, your original contribution will be automatically refunded. Read about how to upgrade your perk.
How do I choose more than one perk? The Indiegogo system is not set up to choose multiple perks. If you would like to choose more than one perk, you will need to initiate a separate process for each pre-order. If you encounter difficulties, please email  and use "NEED HELP WITH ORDERING" as the subject line.
I preordered ONAGOfly but I didn’t get a confirmation email. How can I check the status? Please see article on How to Know if Your Contribution is Successful. If there is still an issue, then you may need to contact
There was an error with my contribution. What happened? Please refer to this article on common contribution errors and steps to resolve: Common Contribution Errors.
Why am I checking out through Indiegogo? We are using the Indiegogo platform to maintain transparency with our campaign: all the stats, numbers, deadlines and dollars raised are real. We want you to know that we have the full support of the crowdfunding community to help keep us accountable.
If I have other questions, who should I contact? We are receiving a lot of inquiries, and are responding as fast as possible. Please contact  with any other questions you may have.

Where can I use ONAGOfly? Until adept at using controls and flying the drone, we strongly recommend new users to fly ONAGOfly outdoors only in a clear and open space to avoid injury and damage. Be caution when flying ONAGOfly, especially when flying indoors.
Is ONAGOfly FAA compliant? ONAGOfly is only 0.3 lbs. For drones under 0.5 lbs, it’s safe and FAA compliant.

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