Our dream is simple. We want people to join the ONAGOfly movement to share great moments, indulge in new experiences, and have amazing adventures. Change your perspective and experience the world with us.


We created ONAGOfly with a simple goal: to take better photos. There are always angles that a normal camera, or even a selfie stick, can’t capture. Having a handy, highly portable smart nano drone enables users to take photos from every possible angle, whenever and wherever.


There are a lot of camera drones on the market, but they’re all too big for daily use. On top of that, when used indoors, drones can be clumsy, inconvenient, and sometimes unsafe. Which is why our team at Acumen Robot has dedicated ourselves to create a highly portable and palm-sized drone. Rather than creating a drone with complicated settings and control, ONAGOfly believes in simple design coupled with a user-friendly UI to maximize the user experience.

Our team is excited to provide consumers with the convenience they need and the ease and affordability they want. We’re here so users can finally and freely capture their lives instead of being constrained by the technology of the past.